Diversity and inclusion

We firmly believe in equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion, which is reflected in our Diversity and Inclusion Statement. Diversity is inherent to the way we operate and is core to the success of any business operating in a competitive market.

Across the firm, we have a number of initiatives focused on developing a diverse and inclusive work environment.

We have adopted the Law Council of Australia’s Equitable Briefing Policy where we aim to brief women in at least 30 per cent of all matters and pay 30 per cent of the value of all brief fees.

The firm is committed to providing a flexible and supportive work environment and to that end has policies, arrangements and wellbeing initiatives that encourage and support employees to achieve a balance between their work and outside interests.

Thomson Geer is a member of the Australian Network on Disability (AND). Every year we celebrate fundraising and awareness initiatives, and we participate in the AND Stepping Into program which matches university students with disability to businesses.‍

The firm is a gold partner of Diverse Women in Law (DWL). DWL is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to empower and support diverse women through all stages of their legal studies and career. Through our support of DWL, amongst other things, our junior lawyers have participated as mentors to members of DWL, and our female lawyers and partners who identify as diverse have participated on panel sessions, providing their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities they experienced through their journeys.

The firm also proudly supports initiatives driven by our partners. We do this by providing direct financial support, hosting events as well as promotion of interest areas and goals.