Peter Penno
Special Counsel
Areas of Expertise

Insurance, Transport

Peter has more than 30 years' experience in providing underwriting and claims management expertise to the insurance industry, acting for insurers, insurance brokers and self-insured entities in the heavy transport and car rental industries. 

Peter deals with all aspects of transport insurance, from front end policy writing and advice on underwriting and compliance issues, to indemnity and liability disputes. 

As an industry expert, Peter has an excellent rapport with the key participants and he recognises the importance of having claims dealt with quickly and efficiently prior to the issue of litigation. As a result, Peter consistently achieves significant savings in legal costs for his clients. 

What others say


Australian Finance Industry Association

Acting for the Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) on the drafting, development and consultation of the AFIA Car Rental Code of Practice. The Code for members of AFIA, who have approximately 75% of the total market share by revenue of the car rental market in Australia, went live on 1 March 2018.

Product disclosure review

A recent review of a major insurer’s product disclosure statement and heavy motor insurance policy with an emphasis on the use of plain English terminology and formatting suitable for on line sales and promotion.

Car rental industry

Drafting a Code of Conduct and a Fair Wear and Tear Guide for use in the car rental industry.

International car rental company

Drafting rental terms and conditions for an international car rental company, which are in use throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Personal injury claims

Acting for the insurer in defending personal injury claims for damages arising from incidents that occurred in the heavy transport sector.