Thomson Geer supports Australian journalism with sponsorship of The Kennedy Foundation

March 9, 2023

Thomson Geer is pleased to announce it has become a sponsor of The Kennedy Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to excellence in Australian journalism.

It is the third media organisation Thomson Geer supports, reinforcing the firm’s commitment to supporting and defending Australian journalists and the critical work they do.

Thomson Geer has one of the largest specialist Media legal teams in Australia. The firm also sponsors leading media organisations The Walkley Foundation, which runs Australia’s top media awards, the Walkley Awards, and the Melbourne Press Club, which runs the annual Quill Awards.

Thomson Geer Chief Executive Partner Adrian Tembel said the media had a valuable role to play in Australia’s democracy and society.

“As a firm we encourage our people to engage in the issues of the day that affect them and their clients. We recognise that a strong, free and independent media is critical to ensure they are informed and can engage with confidence.”

The Kennedy Foundation Chairman Carl Dumbrell said: “We’re excited to have Thomson Geer as a sponsor and welcome their support promoting the importance of a free and independent media.”

The Kennedy Foundation is dedicated to supporting free and independent media that supports the public interest, underpins a healthy democracy and acts with the highest ethical principles. It also hosts the annual Kennedy Awards, recognising Australian journalists and their work.

Thomson Geer Media team Partner Justin Quill said the Media team was dedicated to supporting and defending the media across a wide range of issues affecting their work including defamation, contempt of court, access to documents and suppression orders.

“We work with the media to overcome the hurdles they face bringing the public the news they need to know,” he said.

“Thomson Geer’s sponsorship of The Kennedy Foundation is an investment in its mission to drive and celebrate excellence in journalism.”

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