Meet Our Graduates

Megan Bowman Megan Bowman

I started at Thomson Geer as a summer clerk and was then accepted into the graduate program. I have found both experiences extremely rewarding. I instantly felt welcome at Thomson Geer and have received invaluable mentoring from my colleagues both personally and professionally. I particularly find the Partners at Thomson Geer are very approachable and always willing to assist me in my development as a lawyer. Throughout my clerkship and on my rotations as a graduate I was exposed to a diverse range of work that was both challenging and interesting. For example, I had the opportunity to attend client meetings, court hearings and negotiations and was able to help advise on a broad range of issues.

David Chen David Chen

I started working at Thomson Geer as a summer clerk and one of the first things that stood out to me was the very welcoming work culture. In addition to that, I was immediately involved in interesting and challenging work – which has really helped me grow as a prospective lawyer. Now, as a graduate, I am continuing to build on the skills I learnt during my clerkship. Looking back, it can sometimes be hard to comprehend how much I have actually learnt and improved over that relatively short period of time. Of course, the people are still as enjoyable to work with – contributing to the satisfaction of working at and being a part of Thomson Geer.

Daniel Cozmescu Daniel Cozmescu

The graduate program offered me the opportunity to take on considerable responsibilities and make a genuine contribution to legal work. I was closely involved in matters and the work was diverse. The lawyers and partners guided the development of my skills in a supportive and positive environment. Thomson Geer’s social club hosted an impressive range of events that allowed me to socialise with colleagues and meet new staff.

Kate De Highden Kate De Highden

I first joined Thomson Geer as a summer clerk in early 2017. During the summer clerkship program I was provided with unparalleled hands on experience and had the opportunity to assist the disputes team not only during the lead up to trial, but also throughout the trial itself and during the settlement negotiations that soon eventuated. Although the summer clerkship program only lasted four weeks, I was quickly made to feel a part of the team and received strong mentorship throughout. The unprecedented experience I had during my summer clerkship led me to accept a position in the Thomson Geer graduate program in 2018. My expectations of the graduate program have been far surpassed. The variety of experiences that graduates are exposed to, along with the level of support offered by Thomson Geer, provides graduates with an exceptional foundation upon which a highly successful legal career may be built.

Hudson Digby Hudson Digby

What I have enjoyed most about my time in Thomson Geer’s summer clerk and graduate programs is the attitude my teams have had towards my development. There has never been the sense that I’m only here because they need a junior to pump through paperwork, but rather the teams have taken the time to make sure I not only understand how the whole matter fits together, but that I’m developing a broad skillset and gaining exposure to increasingly complex tasks. The focus my colleagues and supervisors have placed on both improving the quality of my work and how my skills can and should develop over the long term has helped me feel like a valued member of their teams.

Anni Gao Anni Gao

As part of the graduate program at Thomson Geer, I have been given opportunities to learn every day through exposure to meaningful work and great mentorship. The formal graduate program provides ample training sessions which focus on developing skills required to be successful in the legal profession, whilst informal mentorship and feedback from colleagues has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth. With the clerkship and graduate program rotations, I am able to explore different areas of law. This has given me a chance to assess my areas of interest and to establish relationships with people across the firm.

Ben Hutchins Ben Hutchins

The Thomson Geer clerkship and graduate programs have given me the opportunity to develop a diverse legal skill set and build practical commercial experience. Within the Disputes practice I work directly with some of the best litigators in Australia and am given responsibility over substantive aspects of our matters. My favourite part of working at Thomson Geer is the team focused culture. My colleagues are always willing and eager to share their knowledge and experience and provide interesting and challenging work.

Amy Jee Amy Jee

I started at Thomson Geer as a summer clerk and throughout the program, I was able to get a taste of various practice groups and gain exposure to the breadth of work they do.  The supportive and friendly culture of the firm was what made my summer clerk experience enriching and invaluable.  As a graduate, the mentorship and the supportive network both within a team and as part of the broader firm really helps me progress and refine as an individual and as a lawyer.  As part of the graduate program, I am exposed to exciting work ranging from drafting letters to drafting court documents and advices to interacting with courts and clients.  The calibre of the teams I have worked with has impressed me and I wish to absorb and example such traits from the lawyers at this firm.  Thomson Geer definitely offers a complete experience and training opportunity for all future young lawyers.

Taylor Kayes Taylor Kayes

The graduate program offered at Thomson Geer is unique in that it offers “Supervised Legal Training” which allows graduates to satisfy competencies onsite through active involvement on real matters. All practice groups encourage working for all members of the team to ensure that graduates are exposed to a diverse range of work. In my experience there has been a certain amount of autonomy which has allowed me the confidence to self-organise and work out how to best approach tasks. I have felt supported in all challenges with practitioners consistently providing feedback, which has proven to be an exercise in learning but also teamwork.

Hamish Scully Hamish Scully

Thomson Geer has a well-structured graduate program ensuring graduate lawyers are provided a solid foundation from which they can build their legal careers. The firm’s approach of three rotations ensures exposure to a broad section of the law. Similarly, the firm ensures graduates have a strong support network around them comprising of supervising partners, mentors and buddies. Through these relations and participation in structured training programs, such as New Lawyer Training, graduates are constantly learning and witnessing progression in the work they undertake. The firm’s social committee also ensures graduates build relations with a diverse group of employees from the firm.

Nicholas Vardanega Nicholas Vardanega

As a graduate at Thomson Geer, I’ve had the opportunity to be directly involved in large litigious and non-litigious matters during my rotation in the Disputes team. My involvement has included drafting affidavits, interviewing witnesses, court appearances and directly liaising with barristers and our clients. Throughout my rotation, I’ve received tasks and face to face feedback from partners and special counsel, which has provided me with the opportunity to develop a much deeper understanding of the dispute resolution process, as well as to refine my drafting and advocacy skills.

Kylie Zih Kylie Zih

I was a summer clerk at Thomson Geer in 2016/17 and I am currently going through the graduate program. As a summer clerk, the thing that stood out to me the most about the firm was how welcoming everyone was, from partners to junior lawyers, and how I was instantly made to feel a part of the team. My colleagues were proactive in getting me involved in drafting, meetings, teleconferences and court appearances from day one. As a graduate, I have been given greater responsibility for matters and more opportunities to take on complex drafting tasks, supported by the guidance and mentorship of my fellow colleagues. Life as a graduate outside of work is also really enjoyable, highlights of which include being involved in various sporting teams, events run by our social club and even planning our own trivia night.