Tim Flahvin and Venks Ananthakrishnan

Proposed ASX Listing Rule Changes: Major Updates to ASX Listing Rules and Guidance Notes

Tim Flahvin and Venks Ananthakrishnan

15 March 2019

Legislation & Regulatory Updates

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has issued a consultation paper setting out proposed major amendments to its listing rules and guidance notes in order to “simplify, clarify, and enhance the integrity and efficiency of, the ASX listing rules”. The consultation paper was released on 28 November 2018, and can be accessed here.

As the paper’s name suggests, many of the proposed amendments seek to simplify and clarify the current listing rules and processes of the ASX (and to this extent, ASX has proposed a number of drafting changes which are not substantive changes in nature). However, there are a number of amendments that will impose more rigorous obligations on listed entities, and will need to be carefully considered so that listed entities can amend their current practices in anticipation of a modified ASX landscape.

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