For Lawyers

Our people are at the heart of our firm, and our firm’s success is dependent on the exceptional performance of our people.

We offer:

  • Challenging, diverse and rewarding work with sophisticated clients; local and international
  • A high-performance culture based on commitment, honesty, and genuine relationships
  • An environment that is friendly, collegiate, and professionally stimulating
  • Comprehensive programs and tools to support your career development and continued learning
  • Access to the expertise and passion of some of the most respected practitioners in the country

We will provide you with support and guidance throughout your career, as well as the tools and training to keep your progression on track – whether you’re on the path to becoming a Partner, or you’re more focused on honing your legal expertise in another role.

Career Progression

At Thomson Geer, every graduate is viewed as a potential partner and the firm is committed to providing all of our legal staff with the support and opportunity to realise their full potential. We encourage our staff to  manage and drive their career progression, whatever that may be with support from the firm and those around them.  We have an effective and transparent nomination process which governs the progression of legal staff from one role to the next, and takes place on an annual basis each June. The process is merit based and applied consistently across the firm. To be considered for promotion the staff member must:

  • be a strong performer in their current role
  • behave in a manner consistent with the firm’s values, and
  • possess the attributes required for the desired role

Aside from our Graduate program, which is designed to be for a one-year term, there are no set timeframes for progression – if you’re talented and ambitious and meet all of the criteria to be considered for promotion, we’ll give you the right support to progress through your career when you’re ready. Everyone’s path is individual, but the diagram below demonstrates, as a general guide, the time-frames for progression.


Partnership is an achievable goal and, since 2015, the firm has promoted 19 Partners internally from either Senior Associate or Special Counsel.  We also understand that partnership is not an aspiration for all future leaders. The firm sees this as a valid choice and believes that a diverse mix of goals at the senior level of our firm is vital.

Training & Development

A structured and tailored induction program is provided to all new employees starting with the firm to cover off on all systems and team-specific knowledge. Internal networking groups help new employees integrate into our business quickly and effectively.

Throughout your career with us, you will have access to multiple streams of in-house training and development programs:

Training & Development Chart UPDATED