Ben Coogan

Thomson Geer supports young pilot’s world record attempt to circumnavigate the globe solo

Ben Coogan

23 July 2015


This is an exciting blog for us as we are pleased to announce our support of Lachlan Smart who will attempt to become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe solo, in a single engine aircraft in June 2016.

The attempt will take around 70 days covering around a massive 45,000 kilometres.

Lachlan Smart’s “Wings around the World” project was launched this week to the public.  Wings around the World was created by 17 year old Lachlan Smart in order to “send a message to the people of Australia, particularly youth, showing that dreams can be achieved no matter how big or how small“.

It is fair to say that the public and media are historically fascinated with, and draw an inspiration from, youth who have these extraordinary visions and can achieve huge success at an early age.  One only needs to recall the success of Jesse Martin and then Jessica Watson (youngest unassisted sailors to circumnavigate the globe) and also Ryan Campbell (Australian former world record holder for the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe by aircraft).

Lachie’s Wings around the World needs more partners and sponsors in order to achieve the level of funding to complete his vision and achieve success.  While we are happy to support Lachie, he needs more help.

If you are happy to help and can support Lachie’s dream then check out and see how you may be able to support him.

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