Peytee Grusche assists clients in the areas of research and development, commercialisation of intellectual property, patent, trade mark and design registration and enforcement. She has a Doctor of Philosophy (Cell biology) and is also a patent and trade marks attorney.

Peytee is also experienced in advising on commercial agreements including collaboration agreements; licences of intellectual property and information technology supply agreements.

Peytee Grusche’s recent experience includes:

  • Advising CO2CRC on the commercialisation of intellectual property and structuring of entities and constitution, membership, subscription agreements and project Agreements.
  • Advising Turtle Island Foods, SPC and liaised with IP Australia in a protracted and involved process to register its trade mark “TOFURKY” in Australia.
  • Advising  Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in regards to a process for using approved therapeutic goods in clinical trials for various purposes including review of agreements and legislation.