Peter Grinter is a former Partner of, and now Consultant to, Thomson Geer and is based in Sydney.

He has more than 40 years’ experience advising private clients in relation to their personal and family matters, and assisting them with the preparation of their Wills and Estate Planning documents.

Peter is a Notary Public, and is a member of Law Society of New South Wales.

Peter Grinter’s experience includes:

  • Preparing Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents.
  • Establishing testamentary trusts under a client’s Will.
  • Preparing an application for Probate or Letters of Administration on the death of a client.
  • Advising family members in relation to a Family Provision claim made against the estate of a deceased family member, and defending any such proceedings in the Supreme Court.
  • Advising in relation to the administration of an estate after the obtaining of Probate or Letters of Administration.
  • Advising clients in relation to the administration of an estate where Probate is not required to be obtained.
  • Applying for the Reseal of probate obtained in jurisdictions outside of New South Wales.
  • Advising relation to the signing of Binding Financial Agreements made between couples before their marriage or before entering into a defacto relationship.
  • Advising relation to Residential Accommodation Deposit’s (RADs) paid by a client to gain access to a residential accommodation facility.
  • Advising clients in relation to the structuring of their superannuation account.
  • Making claims for superannuation payouts on behalf of a client’s family members.
  • Advising clients in relation to the appointment of a guardian under the Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal jurisdiction.