Anna Karanikolas joined the firm in 2016 and has more than 16 years’ experience across all areas of personal injury litigation – predominantly workers’ compensation and primarily acting for defendants.

At Thomson Geer, Anna principally acts for WorkSafe Victoria and otherwise acts for a number of self-insurer clients. Anna’s practice involves common law and statutory benefits litigation.

Anna’s experience also includes five years as a plaintiff solicitor and three years as Senior Legal Manager at one of WorkSafe’s authorised agents. As Senior Legal Manager, she managed the Dispute Resolution Team, provided legal advice to the business and employer clients on claims management and litigation, provided instructions to WorkSafe’s legal panel and ran regular training for the business, employer clients and industry groups. Through that role and her regular dealings with various WorkSafe Divisions and stakeholders, Anna also gained invaluable insight into WorkSafe as a statutory authority and the workers’ compensation scheme at large.

Anna has also previously managed two Magistrates’ Court circuits for WorkSafe over a number of years. More recently, she successfully defended a sexual harassment and racial discrimination case through her comprehensive proofing of witnesses and thorough trial preparation.

By virtue of her varied experience, Anna has developed a unique skill set, perspective and understanding of clients’ needs. Anna has gained a reputation amongst clients, peers and opponents as an experienced litigator with sound judgement, strong forensic skills and extensive knowledge of common law and the statutory benefits.