NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 92

22 October 2020


Local Council elections have sparked a number of articles, and the release of a video explaining how the public can make a complaint or report wrongdoing in local government.  A timely reminder to complete and return your ballot by 6pm on 23 October 2020!

Meanwhile the Sentencing Advisory Council has reported that too many children are held on remand before being convicted of a crime as a result of a lack of alternative support and the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner are conducting an investigation into impediments to prompt FOI decision making and document release.

In the Courts, the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal has considered the finality of settlements in historical child sexual abuse claims and the judicial review of decisions of the Medical Panel, VCAT and an Adjudicator’s determination under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our public sector newsletter.

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