Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 69

3 October 2019


Welcome to Issue 69 of the Victorian Public Sector Newsletter.

The Australian Human Rights Commission continues to be concerned by the Centrelink debt recovery program, known as Robodebt and has made a second submission concerning a possible breach of an International Covenant.

Victoria Police has been told to be more active in preventing officers misusing people’s personal information according to an IBAC report.

Meanwhile, the Victorian Government is assisting in reducing sexual harassment and sexism by supporting a pilot program that teaches bystanders how to step in and take action against offensive behaviour.

Her Honour Judge Lisa Hannan has been appointed the new Chief Magistrate, whilst Meghan Hoare has been appointed as a Magistrate. Congratulations to Her Honour Judge Hannan and Ms Meghan Hoare.

Finally, the Victorian Court of Appeal has considered its residual discretion to refuse leave notwithstanding the appeal has real prospects of success.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our public sector newsletter.

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