Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 67

6 September 2019


Welcome to Issue 67 of the Victorian Public Sector Newsletter.

In its capacity as the body responsible for overseeing Victoria Police, IBAC is auditing the Victoria Police handling of complaints by Aboriginal people in some 55 closed files.

Meanwhile, OVIC has published an e-book on Artificial Intelligence (AI) titled Closer to the Machine: Technical, social and legal aspects of AI.

Justice Riordan handed down a decision finding the Victorian Supreme Court did not have jurisdiction to determine the proposed expulsion of John Setka from the Australian Labor Party.

Finally, the Victorian Supreme Court has handed down an interesting decision in relation to an appeal from VCAT concerning defects claims made under the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995.  Although leave was granted, VCAT was correct to apply the Bellgrove principles to measure damages for breach of warranty.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our public sector newsletter.

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