Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 65

8 August 2019


Welcome to Issue 65 of the Victorian Public Sector Newsletter.

In this issue, Wicked Campers may soon be wicked in name only, with an agreed national strategy to crack down on vehicles with unsavoury slogans. If an Ad Standards Community Panel finds a sexist, offensive or obscene slogan on a vehicle is in breach of advertising standards, it will have to be removed or the vehicle’s registration will be cancelled.

Meanwhile, technology and privacy are key topics in this issue, with the ACCC recommending substantial changes to Australian Consumer Law to address inequalities between digital platforms and consumers on terms of use and privacy.

There are also a few interesting publications to note, with the Australian Cyber Security Centre publishing a guide on dealing with cyber security risks for those undertaking major organisational change and the Australia Council of Learned Academies publishing a report on the safe and appropriate development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Finally, the Courts have considered issues associated with bringing an application for administrative review out of time and the special circumstances that must exist for such an application to be granted.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our public sector newsletter. 

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