PLANNING Alert: New Melbourne CBD planning controls

8 September 2015


On Friday 4 September 2015, the Minister for Planning introduced significant interim planning controls for the Melbourne CBD.

The controls apply to the Hoddle Grid area and part of Southbank, as shown on the map here.

New permanent controls will be prepared, with public consultation, over the next 12 months.

The new interim planning controls will apply to all applications for planning permits lodged after 4 September 2015. New applications will be subject to the new controls, and Melbourne City Council has formally become a referral authority for applications made to the Minister for Planning (over 25,000sqm).

The most significant of these controls are:


  • Mandatory built form requirements for the central city of:
      • podium height of up to 40 metres;
      • above podium, minimum setback of 5 metres to the street; and
      • minimum setbacks for tower buildings.
  • A plot ratio of 24:1 for the central city, though a permit may be granted to exceed this if objectives and outcomes are met, and either the development is of state or regional significance and/or public amenity improvements can be delivered.
  • Mandatory over shadowing controls in specific precincts.
  • Wind analysis criteria.
  • Mandatory height controls (maximum building heights) in specific precincts.



There are some exceptions to mandatory controls e.g. permits for reconstructed or replacement buildings.

    Owners and purchasers of land need to check the specific new controls which affect land that they may wish to develop, though there is now some uncertainty regarding development applications to be lodged after these interim controls expire.

    If you would like to be a part of the consultation process and would like to discuss these new controls in further detail, please contact Amanda Johns.

    Written by:
    Amanda Johns | Partner | +61 3 9641 8760 |