NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 88

25 August 2020


We are hopeful the restrictions put in place continue to reduce COVID-19 infections and the peak of the pandemic in Victoria has now passed.

Those restrictions have necessarily required the policies of many public institutions to be reviewed and adjusted. In this issue, it has been suggested that governments review policies on incarceration given the dramatic decline in people in prison due to the pandemic. In that regard, Courts have made a number of operational changes to ensure cases with urgency can continue.

In other news, the Federal Government is moving ahead with copyright reforms and the Western Australian Government has taken legislative steps to protect its position in relation to a dispute with Clive Palmer.

In the Courts, VCAT has considered the response to a medical practitioner making commentary on social media. There have also been a number of decisions on Freedom of Information laws, in particular regarding whether the release of documents would be contrary to the public interest or impact the proper and efficient operations of a government agency.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Victorian Public Sector Newsletter.

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