NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 85

16 July 2020


It has been a busy period for both Covid-19 and, thankfully, non-Covid-19 news!

The Government has announced a Judicial Inquiry into Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Program and the Victorian Parliament has called for submissions into the Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Meanwhile, concerns have been expressed about heavy handed policing in Victoria’s Covid-19 hot spots.

In non-Covid-19 news, the Commonwealth Government has released a new workplace exposure standard for silica dust to coincide with the taking effect of new workplace manslaughter laws and the passage of laws to improve access to justice and make it easier to bring class actions for silicosis, wage theft and other wrongdoings.

The Commonwealth and State Governments have also announced measures to achieve funding certainty for legal assistance, which the legal profession has welcomed, and all levels of the profession have responded to recent findings in relation to sexual harassment within the judiciary and the profession generally.

The Victorian Government has also appointed a new Public Sector Commissioner and made an appointment to the Victorian Law Reform Commission, and two new Judicial Registrars have been appointed to the Supreme Court.

In the Courts, the Supreme Court has considered a number of matters involving VCAT, IBAC and other Departments and Agencies which go to VCAT’s jurisdiction, procedural fairness, denial of natural justice, IBAC’s powers, standing and other issues.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our public sector newsletter.

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