NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 79

2 April 2020


Welcome to Issue 79 of the Victorian Public Sector Newsletter.

It is not surprising COVID-19 has dominated the news of the last fortnight given it has permeated every aspect of our lives. The Government and the public service has done pretty much everything imaginable (except sleep) to keep Victorians and our health system safe in unprecedented circumstances, and this newsletter provides a forum to thank them and Victoria’s health and emergency services workers for their enormous and ongoing efforts.

From a legal perspective, the Government has given Victoria Police the power to issue on the spot fines to those individuals or corporations who do not abide by social distancing requirements.

Meanwhile, Courts, Committees and Commissions have issued a series of Practice Notes and Bulletins in response to the pandemic. The Supreme Court also considered the issue of jury trials in light of COVID-19 in the decision of Mulquiney v Reynolds & Anor.

In other news, the Government has expanded the Drug Court to regional Victoria.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Public Sector Newsletter.

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