NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 72

19 November 2019


Welcome to Issue 72 of the Victorian Public Sector Newsletter.

In the media this fortnight we see the Prime Minister is planning to outlaw environmental boycott campaigns targeting businesses.

The fake breath test scandal of last year continues to ail the Victoria Police, with IBAC concerned that officers could still be conducting fake tests given the “meaningless and unachievable” targets being imposed upon them.

Meanwhile, an interesting conversation continues in the world of political advertising on social media platforms, with an article published by Johan Lidberg, Monash University concerning Twitter banning political advertising. Mr Lidberg also discusses Facebook and Google, and comments about these platforms being not just social media platforms but also publishers, which do not presently adhere to the legal and ethical frameworks connected with publishing.

Finally, in the County Court there have been a number of new judicial appointments – John Cain has been appointed a County Court Judge and the new State Coroner, while Anne Hassan SC and Kevin Doyle have been appointed judges.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our public sector newsletter. ​

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