NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 70

22 October 2019


Welcome to Issue 70 of the Victorian Public Sector Newsletter.

Centrelink’s Automatic Debt Raising and Recovery System, known as “robodebt”, remains in the spotlight, with the Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry raising concerns that it is flawed and causing serious harm in the community.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has expressed serious concerns about the proposed trial to drug test welfare recipients, in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Government has amended the Australian Human Rights Commission Regulations 1989 to allow employers to exercise reasonable discretion against prospective employees if their criminal record is relevant to the position being applied for.

In Supreme Court news, His Honour Justice Sifris presided over the first Court-run e-Trial in the Commercial Court, whilst the civil Court of Appeal has extended the appeal period in most cases to 42 days and introduced electronic filing through Redcrest.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our public sector newsletter. ​

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