NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector – Issue 117

3 December 2021


Victoria’s new pandemic law is progressing with key amendments being put forward to the Public Health and Wellbeing (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 and being debated in the Victorian Parliament..
In this edition, eSafety is in the spotlight with tougher penalties being a key part of the new Online Safety Act which comes into force next year and foreign interference, artificial intelligence and cyber security being considered as part of the Commonwealth Government’s critical technologies framework and action plan.
Prevention of sexual harassment and assault is also in the news, with Victoria to move to an affirmative consent model following the release of a report from the Victoria Law Reform Commission after its investigation into sexual violence and the justice system.
In the Courts, the High Court has handed down an interesting decision on apprehended bias in Charisteas v Charisteas [2021] HCA 29. The decision confirms and clarifies the law on apprehended bias and how such an allegation is to be assessed.

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