NEWSLETTER: Victorian Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 77

5 March 2020


Welcome to Issue 77 of the Victorian Public Sector Newsletter. 

This issue includes an important legislative update with the Gender Equality Bill 2019 passing through Victorian Parliament.  The legislation will apply to public sector workplaces and requires, among other matters, the implementation of Gender Equality Action Plans and Gender Impact Assessments to help improve gender equality and reduce workplace sexual harassment.

In that regard, the Full Federal Court of Australia has examined an employer’s responsibility in taking all reasonable steps to eradicate sexual harassment at work, commenting that the existence of policy on sexual harassment is only the beginning and employees must be educated about the seriousness and consequences of sexual harassment.

Finally, the Commonwealth Government has agreed to provide additional funding for legal representation in family law matters so that victims of family violence do not need to be cross-examined personally by their alleged abusers.

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