NEWSLETTER: SA Public Sector – Issue 61

19 November 2021


Welcome to the latest issue of our SA Public Sector Newsletter.

Laws aimed at preventing serious domestic and family violence offences, have been introduced to South Australia’s Parliament. The Criminal Law Consolidation (Abusive Behaviour) Amendment Bill 2021 criminalises controlling and abusive behaviours against partners or former partners, making it an offence to commit three or more ‘acts of abuse’, including:

  • Tracking a victim’s movements and communications (by physically following the person, using apps or installing cameras in the home)
  • Isolating the victim from their family, friends or other supports
  • Making unreasonable demands on how the victim exercises their personal, social or financial autonomy
  • Depriving the victim of food, clothing or sleep
  • Withholding essential support services from the victim

The new laws also aim to raise awareness within the broader community regarding what constitutes abusive behaviour, as well as protecting vulnerable members of the community.

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