NEWSLETTER: SA Public Sector – Issue 57

22 September 2021


Welcome to Issue 57 of the SA Public Sector Newsletter.

Ratepayers, residents and the broader South Australian community will have access to unprecedented levels of information about their local council’s performance through a new Government-established website, “Councils in Focus”.

Minister for Planning and Local Government Vickie Chapman said the website would help people to better understand what their council is spending money on, where that revenue comes from and how it benefits their community.

Information available to the public will include:

  • Details on rates individual councils charge, grants they receive and other sources of funding
  • Where councils spend money and how much
  • Each council’s financial position and performance

Ratepayers will be able to see how their council has changed over a five-year period, compare their council to similar councils, and, compare their council to the State average.

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