NEWSLETTER: SA Public Sector – Issue 52

16 July 2021


Welcome to Issue 52 of the SA Public Sector Newsletter.

South Australians at-risk of perpetrating domestic violence and frontline workers who acknowledge someone needs support will be able to access new statewide service thanks to a $1.14 million injection by the State Government. The service will provide support, counselling and referral pathways for men seeking support for their behaviour, as well as support for relatives, friends and victims of domestic violence. The service will also provide advice to frontline workers to respond to perpetrators and provide referrals to support.

In other news, tough new vehicle impound penalties came into effect in South Australia at the beginning of July, with payment plans no longer being available for motorists who risk lives by driving dangerously while under the influence or speeding. To stamp out irresponsible road behaviour, vehicles confiscated by SA Police now cost $1,135.50 to release from impound. At the conclusion of a 28-day period, offenders will have 10 additional days to pay the fee before the vehicle is sold or crushed.

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