NEWSLETTER: SA Public Sector – Issue 46

20 April 2021


Welcome to Issue 46 of the SA Public Sector Newsletter.

An Australian first trial of CCTV in Aged Care has commenced in South Australia, as the State Government aims to strengthen safeguards and enhance the safety and wellbeing of aged care residents.

The CCTV trial will see recording devices placed in residents’ bedrooms and common areas, which are programmed through artificial intelligence to identify falls, calls for help, or unusual movements. This triggers an alert to be sent to operators at an independent monitoring centre, who then immediately alert nursing staff to respond.

A steering committee of consumer, stakeholder and government representatives is overseeing the pilot and the outcomes will guide the future use of the technology in SA Health Aged Care facilities.

In other South Australian news, a new real-time prescription monitoring system has been launched which will facilitate the identification of prescription drug abuse in the State. The new ScriptCheckSA system provides information to doctors (prescribers) and pharmacists (dispensers) about a patient’s history and use of controlled medicines when they are considering prescribing or dispensing these medicines.

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