NEWSLETTER: SA Public Sector – Issue 45

9 April 2021


Welcome to Issue 45 of the SA Public Sector Newsletter.

The South Australian Government is requiring SA fuel retailers to make available petrol price information in real time in SA from 20 March. This will make it easy for motorists to find the cheapest fuel closest to them at any given time.

Fuel prices will be reported to a central database as close in time as possible to the price changing at the pump, but not more than 30 minutes after that time. Motorists can then access fuel price information for free via one of the existing fuel price apps. The Productivity Commission estimates that this increased purchasing power will save motorists more than $3 million a year.

At the federal level, the ATO has awarded an $11 million contract for face scanning technology for the government’s myGovID program to prevent digital identity fraud. The technology will allow users to confirm their myGovID digital identity by scanning their face on a mobile device in order to access digital government services.

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