NEWSLETTER: SA Public Sector – Issue 44

26 March 2021


Welcome to Issue 44 of the SA Public Sector Newsletter. South Australian Minister for Human Services has introduced legislation to Parliament to provide better protection for South Australians living with disability by establishing a new authorisation regime in respect to the use of restrictive practices. Restrictive practices can include anything from minor safety changes in the home, through to needing to physically restrain someone’s movement. The authorisation regime aims to ensure that restrictive practices are used only as a last resort and in consultation with the person with the disability or their guardian.

Data protection and privacy remain in focus at the federal level with the Digital Transformation Agency announcing the release of a Hosting Certification Framework designed to ensure the security of Government systems and data, and the Australian Cyber Security Centre urging Australians to strengthen the proof of their identity protections to help stop cybercrime.

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