NEWSLETTER: NSW Public Sector Newsletter – Issue 78

20 November 2019


Welcome to Issue 78 of the NSW Public Sector Newsletter.

In the media this fortnight we see the Prime Minister is planning to outlaw environmental boycott campaigns targeting businesses.

For those in the health or aged care sectors, this issue contains links to both the interim Aged Care Royal Commission Report and a recent report on health justice partnerships. Health justice partnerships are a relatively new collaboration model between health, legal and community services. They endeavour to provide integrated services to primarily disadvantaged clients, tackling issues such as family and domestic violence, mental health issues and addiction.

Meanwhile, an interesting conversation continues in the world of political advertising on social media platforms, with an article published by Johan Lidberg, Monash University concerning Twitter banning political advertising. Mr Lidberg also discusses Facebook and Google, and comments about these platforms being not just social media platforms but also publishers, which do not presently adhere to the legal and ethical frameworks connected with publishing.

Click here to read more, and to view our full wrap-up of the past fortnight’s media, cases and legislation. 

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