NEWSLETTER: NSW Public Sector – Issue 119

21 September 2021


Welcome to Issue 119 of the NSW Public Sector Newsletter.

We are also delighted to announce our re-appointment to the NSW Government Legal Services Panels. We are appointed to Sub Panels 1 – 6 and recommended across 15 areas of law under those sub panels. The Cluster Partner contacts are Jodi Walkom, Customer Service; Jacquie Seemann,  Education; Lucinda Smith, Health; Craig Tidemann, Planning, Industry and Environment; Sylvia Fernandez, Premier and Cabinet; Melinda Graham, Regional NSW; John Howard, Stronger Communities; Mark Feetham, Transport; Simon Ralton; Treasury. 

The Supreme Court of New South Wales congratulates the Honourable Justice Robert Beech-Jones on his appointment as the new Chief Judge at Common Law and a Judge of Appeal.

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