NEWSLETTER: NSW Public Sector – Issue 109

6 May 2021


Welcome to Issue 109 of the NSW Public Sector Newsletter.

The NSW Court of Appeal has published a useful guide to decisions in 2020, along with links to updates to its website.  The document will provide a valuable resource for judges, practitioners, litigants, academics and students, and a similar document will be published on an annual as well as consolidated basis. To read, click here.

The Federal Government has released the second Australian National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security. The new National Action Plan identifies the following four outcomes that would support coordinated action across Government: supporting women’s participation and needs in peace processes; reducing sexual and gender-based violence; supporting efforts to meet the needs and rights of all women and girls, and demonstrating leadership and accountability for Women, Peace and Security.

In other Commonwealth news, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is undertaking public consultation on a newly issued “Regulator Performance Framework”, which sets out expectations for performance and reporting by Government Regulators. The deadline for submissions is 21 May.

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