CHARITIES Alert: June 2014

30 June 2014


The Senate Committee report on the Bill to abolish the ACNC has been released. The majority of the Committee recommend passing of the Bill and the dissenting ALP and Greens senators recommend against it.
The Committee considered a number of submissions complaining about the process of abolishing the ACNC before details of what will replace it are known. The majority report includes the extraordinary statement – The bill is intended to provide certainty to the not-for-profit sector, the ACNC and other regulators, by making it clear its intention to abolish the ACNC. It is better to provide this certainty now, rather than delay while the details of the No. 2 bill are worked out in consultation with the sector. In fact, this process provides only certainty on the government’s determination to abolish the ACNC.

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