Thomson Geer on the possibility of listing – AFR

23 August 2017


Thomson Geer was featured in an article published in the Australian Financial Review’s Legal Affairs section on Friday 18 August.

Chief Executive Partner Adrian Tembel and Chair Loretta Reynolds were interviewed for the article.

Loretta Reynolds said “If the firm does list – a possibility that remains subject to future developments – it will spend the first four to five years in a nation-building chapter, growing in size and diversity”.

University of NSW Associate Professional of Finance Mark Humphery-Jenner said “Strong critics of law firms listing remain, but their fears are misplaced: firms are driven by profit regardless”. “Listed law firms are subject to their duties to clients and to courts, no different from unlisted law firms.”

Adrian Tembel said “It doesn’t matter whether you’re public or private, it’s whether your business can withstand scrutiny”. “We are seriously considering a listing because we think it would give us competitive advantage in delivering better value service and in incentivising and retaining our best people”.

Thomson Geer has opened itself to scrutiny, sharing results with senior staff and subjecting its annual report to a Big Four audit for the last four years.