Thomson Geer leads the way when it comes to flexible work

3 February 2016


Thomson Geer has been recognised as the leading large Australian law firm when it comes to flexible work, having the highest percentage of lawyers working part-time, at 11.7% .

Thomson Geer’s Chief Executive Partner, Adrian Tembel, said the firm had made a cultural shift in recent years to become an outcome-focussed firm, instead of following the traditional time-based law firm model.

“We are proud that we are a tolerant workforce. Whilst our clients are at the centre of everything we do, our people are at the heart of our firm.  This shift towards greater flexibility has allowed us to both retain good people, whilst maintaining the exceptional service to clients that we have always provided.

“Our focus is on providing the outcomes our clients expect, whilst providing our people with the opportunity to balance their work with family and other commitments.  Communication is the key, often using non-traditional means, and our people are embracing that.” Adrian said.

Jeffrey Chang, a newly appointed partner in Thomson Geer’s tax team, says being part time never came up as an issue in the promotion process.

“Working four days per week hasn’t affected the outcomes I am able to achieve for Thomson Geer, or our clients.  Where the need arises, I have remote access from home to my work desktop, and I receive emails in real time on my phone, allowing me to liaise with my team and address any issues straight away.”

Jeffrey has been with Thomson Geer for five years, and was promoted to the position of Partner on 1 July 2015: one of two part time Partners promoted on this date.

Another of the key reasons Thomson Geer is making the shift away from the traditional Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 model, is to align itself more closely with its clients.

“Many of our clients work part time, so us following suit gives us a much greater understanding of the way our clients work.  We like being like our clients.” Adrian Tembel said.