Thomson Geer leading the way with e-Conveyancing

20 May 2019


Thomson Geer is leading the way with e-Conveyancing, with our Victorian office one of the biggest users of PEXA Projects, after having signed on as an early user. PEXA Projects is an online transaction property development solution to easily manage multi-lot developments. It allows bulk settlements of subdivisions and property developments to all be managed online – whether it be a 3-4 unit residential development, or a 500-600 lot division.

Our firm has developed a national PEXA taskforce, headed up by property Partner Sarah Rizk. Sarah’s role is to encourage collaboration between our offices to move to electronic transactions.

“Our first development using PEXA Projects was a subdivision involving about 200 lots, and the experience was quite remarkable” said Sarah Rizk. “In the past, subdivisions of that size would involve wall-to-wall paper, files everywhere, boardrooms being booked out and extra photocopiers being brought in. Not to mention, a lot of resources being taken up on those settlement days. It was chaotic to say the least.”

Sarah says the most noticeable change brought about by PEXA Projects has been on settlement day. Whilst the lead up to settlement still involves the same amount of work, the settlement process itself is much more manageable using the PEXA Projects platform.

“300 settlements can be effected in one day by our paralegals sitting in their own offices, at their own laptops. It’s been an exceptional change.”

The most important reason for us being involved in PEXA Projects, is the benefits it brings to our clients.

Sarah said “Our clients have already seen the efficiencies, particularly in relation to the money hitting the account straight away. That is something our clients definitely notice!”

Click here to see a 5 minute chat between Sarah Rizk and PEXA’s CEO about the benefits of e-conveyancing and in particular the Pexa Projects platform.