Thomson Geer advises Norman & Associates on its appointment by Fishermans Bay Management

27 February 2018


Fishermans Bay Management has appointed Norman & Associates as the Development Manager for the freeholding of 432 leasehold allotments at its existing development. We advised Norman & Associates on their successful bid.

The Planning Approval granted for the project requires the management of the provision of key infrastructure assets. The proposed service arrangements will be subject to the provision of an ESCOSA licence, such as already exists for the water supply to the present development.

Key elements will include:

  1. Wastewater collection and treatment (full sewerage);
  2. Sealing of roads;
  3. Stormwater drainage;
  4. Seawall construction to protect against seawater flooding.

General Manager of Norman & Associates, Ben Norman said “we were very pleased to be supported in our bid by Fraser Bell, Partner of Thomson Geer and Ben Zivkovic, General Manager at Property Consult Australia, and that they will continue to contribute in the delivery of the project.”