TG’s Brett Hawkins weighs in on The Australian’s Legal Review

30 May 2018


Thomson Geer featured in The Australian’s Legal Review special feature this month, with Partner Brett Hawkins playing a starring role, discussing the evolving regulatory landscape in the property industry, and the legal sector’s response to it.

Our participation kicked off on 15 May, with an article ‘Slashing the cost of regulation‘, featuring comments by Brett.

On 16 May, a video¬†was published of a roundtable discussion between The Australian’s Chris Merritt, our Brett Hawkins, Claudia Certoma from Frasers Property and Christine Gray from Thomson Reuters, where they discussed the current regulatory environment in which the property industry operates, and the response of the legal sector to it. The transcript from this discussion was published in a double page feature ‘Big Developments in Property Law‘ on 18 May.

Another article featuring Brett was published on 17 May in relation to the ‘High Demand for Sydney Housing‘, and how the industry is grappling to meet the demand.

A key element of the month-long Legal Review feature was the publication of a ‘Legal Review’ magazine on 25 May. Brett again featured in an article with Claudia Certoma about the current state of play in the property industry, ‘Building Certainty‘.

Well done Brett for speaking so well about the ever-evolving regulatory landscape faced by the property industry, and how firms like ours are responding to the changes.