The Australian’s Legal Review – Innovation & Technology, and how they are reshaping the law

30 October 2018


Thomson Geer featured in The Australian’s Legal Review special feature this month, which focused on innovation and technology, and how they are reshaping the law.

Our Chief Executive Partner, Adrian Tembel, discussed Thomson Geer’s possible diversification into associated non-law services, to provide a better legal experience for the firm’s clients.

Our participation kicked off on 25 October, when The Australian published a recorded interview between Adrian and The Australian’s legal affairs editor, Chris Merritt.

On 26 October, Adrian then featured in an article published in The Australian’s legal affairs section “The law firms of tomorrow“, featuring excerpts from the interview between Adrian and Chris about the wave of innovation that is remaking the practice of law. On the same day, The Australian published a special feature ‘Legal Review Magazine‘ again with a focus on technology, innovation and the future for Australian law firms, and again featuring comments by Adrian.

As Adrian has said, “Thomson Geer is quite advanced in ­investing in a capability that could be bundled with our core legal service offering, to potentially add more value to our clients”. The future looks bright. Watch this space!