Thomson Geer hosts 2019 Federal Election Defence Ministers Debate

12 March 2019


In partnership with Sky News, The Advertiser and GC Advisory, on Friday 8 March our Adelaide office hosted the 2019 Federal Election Defence Ministers Debate between the outgoing Minister for Defence, Hon Christopher Pyne MP and the Shadow Minister for Defence, Hon Richard Marles MP.

This was the only debate between the Minister and Shadow Minister ahead of the 2019 Federal Election. It was televised by Sky News live, and in addition to the live telecast, there was also significant print, online and social media coverage of the debate.

The debate saw some interesting questions being asked of both the Minister and Shadow Minister, including the possibility of future submarines built in Adelaide being nuclear powered. In the ensuing discussions, both ruled that out as an option.

The full debate, as televised by Sky News, can be found at this link: