Our specialist multi-disciplinary team understands the world of education, having worked in the sector for decades.

Our clients are early learning centres, schools (public and private), public universities, private higher education providers and RTO’s: we work across the complete education lifecycle.

Our work includes advising and representing our clients on:

  • Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) VET Quality Framework compliance, responses to ASQA regulatory audits and the conduct of internal and AAT applications for review of ASQA decisions;
  • Department of Education and Training compliance audits under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 and the Higher Education Support (VET) Guideline 2015, the application of the VET Student Loans Act 2016 and related VET FEE-HELP determinations, including the review of determinations;
  • applications for registration of higher education providers and the accreditation of courses (and re-registration and reaccreditation) and responding to adverse decisions by the Tertiary¬† Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) including the conduct of AAT review proceedings and applications for judicial review;
  • compliance issues arising under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) for RTOs and private higher education providers, including CRICOS registration and the conduct of applications for internal and AAT review;
  • developing and negotiating Third Party Delivery agreements for higher education and RTO providers, joint venture agreements, Services Agreements with third parties, Agent Agreements for the recruiting of international students (in compliance with the ESOS Act and the National Code) and related documents including contracts for the engagement of academic and corporate staff;
  • compliance reviews including compliance with applicable Standards and the review, preparation and amendment of academic and corporate policies and procedures;
  • school funding issues and the application of the Australian Education Act 2013, including applications for approval as an approved authority and the review of adverse determinations
  • employment: teaching and non-teaching staff contracts, performance and conduct issues, inquiries and disciplinary matters, terminations and claims;
  • industrial relations: interpreting awards, drafting and negotiating enterprise agreements, and dealing with disputes;
  • child protection, from both employment and compliance perspectives;
  • relationships with students, including enrolment contracts, admission issues including potential discrimination, behavioural and disciplinary issues and student complaints;
  • bullying (including cyber bullying) affecting students and staff: policies, training, responding to issues and complaints;
  • safety, including management systems for school excursions and events;
  • privacy, including dealing with student and parent information;
  • licensing and intellectual property, including drafting agreements and responding to new technologies inside and outside the teaching environment;
  • research and academic integrity issues;
  • property & accommodation: agreement for lease and leases; acquisition and disposal of property interests and related commercial property requirements;
  • construction, refurbishment and facilities maintenance & operations: Requests for Tender, selection of project delivery model, tender processes and assessment, letters of intent, construction (including fit-out) contracts, consultants agreements, project management agreements, facilities maintenance & operations agreements, equipment supply & installation agreements;
  • board and governance issues, including in relation to funding and relationships with stakeholders including churches and governments.

Key Contacts

Adam Wallwork, Partner, Thomson Geer
Ben Coogan, Partner, Thomson Geer
Cameron Roberts
Craig Tidemann, Partner, Thomson Geer
David Gaszner, Partner, Thomson Geer
Jacquie Seemann, Partner, Thomson Geer
Karl Luke, Partner, Thomson Geer
Lucinda Smith, Partner, Thomson Geer
Mark Feetham, Partner, Thomson Geer
Melinda Graham, Partner, Thomson Geer
Paul Ronfeldt, Partner, Thomson Geer
Roberta Bozzoli, Partner, Thomson Geer
Simon Ralton, Partner, Thomson Geer
Sonya Parsons, Partner, Thomson Geer
StJohn Frawley, Partner, Thomson Geer
Tom Boyce, Partner, Thomson Geer
Tony Conaghan, Partner, Thomson Geer
Michael George, Special Counsel, Thomson Geer
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