Tax Advocacy

Establishing our Tax Advocacy practice is our way of assisting our clients to minimise the headaches and stress of dealing with tax audits, enquiries and other interactions with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or State taxation bodies, such as the State Revenue Offices. We will provide our clients with tips and traps, things to do and not to do, what to say and what not to say.

Remember: tax is simple! All tax asks for is three things:

  1. A proper taxpayer;
  2. A correct amount of tax payable; and
  3. An appropriate period to which the tax relates.

Our job is to ensure that the right answers are provided to the ATO and State bodies to minimise any further amounts of tax or duty.

See our Tax Advocacy blog page to read our regular updates.

 For Tax Agents

When dealing with the ATO or State revenue bodies, we recommend you do not respond until your client has obtained specific legal advice. Unfortunately, just because you can’t see a problem, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. When we are requested to assist after the review or audit has already been underway for a few weeks or months, it is often difficult to then assist the client to address their issues in the most beneficial way. The result may unknowingly be predetermined as a consequence of a course set without proper advice from the start.

Avoid the risk of a negligence claim. The Tax Agent Services Act 2009 compels a tax agent to ensure that the right advice is provided to a taxpayer. Get the right advice before responding!

Consider us your client’s Tax Advocate. Take advantage of our strong national Tax Team, many with decades of experience in accountancy and tax law, and reduce your firm’s liability.

For Taxpayers

Taxpayers often make two critical mistakes when it comes to dealing with the ATO.

  1. Having blind faith in their accountant to get the right outcome. Tax law is complicated: very complicated! At the end of the day, it is law. You should always ensure you have a tax specialist assisting you, and we argue this should be a tax lawyer. We often work alongside accountants to ensure our clients have the best of both worlds;
  2. Cost, cost, cost! Legal fees are tax deductible.

Get us involved at the start of a problem to tell you what’s wrong, what the ATO/State Revenue body will likely think, and how to deal with it.

Key Contacts

Jeffrey Chang, Partner, Thomson Geer
Ron Jorgensen Thomson Geer Partner