Employment, Workplace Relations & Safety

Thomson Geer provides solutions for all employment, workplace relations, and safety matters.

We advise and assist on all matters including occupational health and safety, equal opportunity, employment contracts and agreements, recruitment and termination, good faith bargaining, and industrial relations.

Our clients include manufacturing companies, transport providers, financial services, insurance providers, retailers, communications and IT companies, building and construction companies, and health care providers.

Our employment, workplace relations, and safety services include:

  • Assisting employers to respond to critical workplace health and safety incidents and investigations
  • Designing employment change strategies
  • Drafting and negotiating enterprise and workplace agreements, employment contracts, and awards
  • Employment law training
  • Developing workplace health and safety policies, and compliance programs
  • Managing publicity sensitive matters
  • Representing employers in relation to unfair dismissal, discrimination, and other employment claims

Key Contacts

David Davies, Partner, Thomson Geer
Karl Luke, Partner, Thomson Geer
Mark Branagan, Partner, Thomson Geer
Paul Ronfeldt, Partner, Thomson Geer
Shane Sirett, Partner, Thomson Geer
Bridget Nunn, Special Counsel, Thomson Geer
Special Counsel
Special Counsel