Corporate Social Responsibility

At Thomson Geer, we understand the importance of giving back to our community. This involves helping to ensure that all members of that community have access to legal representation and advice, and seeking opportunities to provide support for worthwhile causes.

An initiative our firm is committed to is the provision of pro bono legal advice to marginalised and disadvantaged groups across the States in which we operate.

Thomson Geer is a signatory to the National Pro Bono Resource Centre’s aspirational target of 35 hours of pro bono legal work per practitioner per year (in fact, our lawyers can spend up to 50 hours per year on approved pro bono matters and receive financial credit for this time). We are constantly looking for ways that we can connect our lawyers with pro bono opportunities that will utilise their skills to make a meaningful contribution to our local communities.

The firm offers pro bono services to many clients aligned with the firm’s priorities and positioning. This includes clients such as (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Get Real Conscious Impact
  • St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Choice Passion Life (formerly Cerebral Palsy League of QLD)
  • The Charlie Teo Foundation
  • Ellavation
  • Lilla Foundation
  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Milk Crate Theatre
  • Global Centre for Modern Ageing
  • Australasian Stroke Academy
  • Australian Schools Plus
  • HIV/AIDS Legal Centre
  • Diabetes NSW ACT

The firm also works with a number of structured pro bono referral programs such as (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Justice Connect
  • Homeless Persons Legal Service