Our Authors

Our blog editorial team is made up of specialist lawyers, who are passionate about employment law.

Mark Branagan: is an accredited specialist in workplace relations and well known for his expertise and experience in the area of workplace health and safety and general employment law. More about Mark…
Andrew Cardell-Ree: has over 15 years’ experience in providing specialist workplace relations, employment and safety advice, representation, and training to leading private and public sector employers. More about Andrew…
David Davies: is an employment, workplace relations and safety specialist. He is a recognised expert in this area and has exceptional litigation and advocacy skills. More about David…
Karl Luke Blog New Karl Luke: has deep expertise in the application and integration of health and safety law compliance within corporate risk management systems. He has been instrumental in leading in-house counsel and senior corporate managers in the development of complex management systems that ensure compliance with work health and safety laws and the principles that underpin those laws, particularly from a governance perspective. More about Karl
Paul Ronfeldt: advises employers and conducts training on various aspects of employment related and occupational health and safety issues. He has specific expertise in enterprise bargaining, having advised both government and non-government entities about enterprise bargaining practice and policy for over 20 years. More about Paul
Jacquie Seemann: practises across the employment and industrial law field, and specialises in discrimination law, both strategic and dispute-related. She is highly regarded for her drafting – producing clear, plain language employment contracts, enterprise agreements and transactional documents. She also advises educational institutions (preschools through to universities) on all education law matters, including governance and relationships with students and the community. More about Jacquie
Jonathon Corlett: practises across the employment and industrial law field, with experience in a broad range of industries including information technology, banking, manufacturing, logistics, construction and hospitality. He assists clients with all forms of employment-related litigation (including restraint of trade matters and industrial disputes); drafting contracts, policies and enterprise agreements; and advising employee counselling, termination of employment, workplace change and employment regulation. More about Jonathon
Rebecca Best: advises in relation to employment obligations, termination of employment and redundancy, transfer of business, employment-related taxation and superannuation obligations, enterprise bargaining, workplace investigations, occupational health and safety obligations and managing ill and injured workers.
Bridget Nunn: advises on work health and safety compliance, training and prosecutions as well as on incident investigations, Award application and coverage, interpretation of industrial instruments, enterprise bargaining, termination of employment (including unfair/unlawful termination claims) across various jurisdictions and equal opportunity and discrimination.